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The Business Intelligence (BI) Course at Next G Classes is a comprehensive 6-month program designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to analyze data and generate actionable business insights. The course is divided into several modules, each focusing on critical aspects of business intelligence, from data management to visualization and reporting.

Module-1: Introduction to Business Intelligence & Data Analysis (Duration: 1 Month)

In this introductory module, students will learn the fundamental concepts of business intelligence and data analysis. Key topics include:

  • Introduction to BI Concepts: Understanding the significance and role of business intelligence in organizations.
  • Data Analysis Basics: Learning basic statistical concepts and data analysis techniques.
  • Excel for Data Analysis: Utilizing Microsoft Excel for data manipulation and analysis.

Module-2: SQL for Data Management (Duration: 1 Month)

This module covers essential skills for managing and querying databases using SQL (Structured Query Language). Key topics include:

  • Database Fundamentals: Understanding database structures and concepts.
  • SQL Basics: Writing basic SQL queries to retrieve data.
  • Advanced SQL Techniques: Learning advanced SQL for data manipulation and complex queries.
  • Database Management: Effective management and maintenance of databases.

Module-3: Data Warehousing & ETL Processes (Duration: 1 Month)

Students will explore data warehousing and Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes in this module. Key topics include:

  • Data Warehousing Concepts: Understanding the architecture and components of data warehouses.
  • ETL Processes: Learning the processes and tools for extracting, transforming, and loading data.
  • Data Integration: Integrating data from multiple sources into a unified data warehouse.

Module-4: Business Intelligence Tools (Duration: 1 Month)

This module introduces students to various BI tools used for data analysis and visualization. Key topics include:

  • Power BI: Learning to use Power BI for creating interactive visualizations.
  • Tableau: Utilizing Tableau for data analysis and visualization.
  • Other BI Tools: An overview of other popular BI tools like QlikView and SAS.

Module-5: Data Visualization & Reporting (Duration: 1 Month)

In this module, students will learn to create effective data visualizations and reports. Key topics include:

  • Principles of Data Visualization: Understanding the principles for creating effective visualizations.
  • Dashboard Creation: Learning to create interactive dashboards using BI tools.
  • Reporting Techniques: Developing skills to generate insightful reports for business decision-making.

Module-6: Capstone Project (Duration: 1 Month)

In the final module, students will work on a comprehensive capstone project that involves applying all the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the course. This hands-on project will allow students to demonstrate their proficiency in business intelligence by solving a real-world business problem using BI tools and techniques.

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One year free class retake facility provides an opportunity to retake class at No Cost as per your convenience. Because at our institute our aim is to enhance the concepts of every student’s, after provide in-depth knowledge of every software’s, languages etc.

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