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Module 1: Introduction to Adobe XD

  • Overview of Adobe XD as a design and prototyping tool.
  • Understanding the interface and workspace in Adobe XD.
  • Setting up artboards and managing layouts for different screen sizes.
  • Exploring basic tools and features: shapes, text, images, and vectors.

Module 2: Design Basics in Adobe XD

  • Principles of UI/UX design and their application in Adobe XD.
  • Creating wireframes and low-fidelity designs.
  • Using grids, guides, and layout tools for alignment and spacing.
  • Working with colors, gradients, and character styles.

Module 3: Prototyping and Interactivity

  • Creating interactive prototypes with clickable elements and transitions.
  • Adding animations and micro-interactions to enhance user experience.
  • Using overlays and fixed elements for navigation and modals.
  • Previewing and sharing prototypes for feedback and testing.

Module 4: Advanced Design Techniques

  • Advanced use of shapes, paths, and masks in Adobe XD.
  • Creating reusable components and libraries for efficient design.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders using comments and design specs.
  • Integrating Adobe XD with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps (Photoshop, Illustrator).

Module 5: Responsive Design and Assets Management

  • Designing responsive layouts for web and mobile applications.
  • Using responsive resize and constraints to maintain design integrity across devices.
  • Managing assets, symbols, and style guides in Adobe XD.
  • Exporting assets for development and production environments.

Module 6: User Testing and Feedback

  • Conducting usability testing using Adobe XD prototypes.
  • Collecting and analyzing feedback from users and stakeholders.
  • Iterating designs based on user insights and testing results.
  • Implementing design revisions and improvements.

Module 7: Plugins and Integration

  • Exploring Adobe XD plugins for extended functionality and productivity.
  • Integrating third-party tools and services for design workflow optimization.
  • Automating tasks and workflows with plugins and scripting in Adobe XD.
  • Customizing Adobe XD environment and settings for personal workflow preferences.

Module 8: Advanced Prototyping and Animation

  • Creating complex interactions and state-based transitions in Adobe XD.
  • Using Auto-Animate feature for creating realistic motion effects.
  • Incorporating scrollable artboards and parallax scrolling effects.
  • Enhancing prototyping with voice commands and device-specific triggers.

Module 9: Collaboration and Version Control

  • Collaborating on projects with team members using Adobe XD Cloud documents.
  • Managing design versions and reviewing changes with version history.
  • Integrating with collaboration tools like Slack and Jira for project management.
  • Implementing best practices for efficient team collaboration in Adobe XD.

Module 10: Final Project and Portfolio Development

  • Applying skills learned to create a comprehensive design project in Adobe XD.
  • Compiling and presenting a portfolio showcasing Adobe XD projects.
  • Refining portfolio presentation and preparing for career opportunities.
  • Discussing career pathways and opportunities in UI/UX design.

Practical Projects and Assignments:

  • Hands-on assignments and projects throughout the course to reinforce learning.
  • Creating UI designs, wireframes, prototypes, and interactive experiences using Adobe XD.
  • Presenting and receiving feedback on projects to enhance design skills and creativity.

By the end of this Adobe XD Course at Next G Classes, participants will have gained comprehensive skills in using Adobe XD for UI/UX design and prototyping. They will be equipped with practical knowledge and hands-on experience to create interactive designs, prototypes, and user experiences across various platforms. Graduates will be prepared to pursue careers as UI/UX designers or advance their current design roles with proficiency in Adobe XD.

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One year free class retake facility provides an opportunity to retake class at No Cost as per your convenience. Because at our institute our aim is to enhance the concepts of every student’s, after provide in-depth knowledge of every software’s, languages etc.

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